How to Buy Bitcoin with Cash


Buying bitcoin with cash can be very convenient. It is one of the best methods of buying bitcoin as it is the most private, is often the fastest, and is the only way to buy bitcoin without a bank account.

The benefit of privately buying bitcoin using cash deposits is huge and it can be much less complicated than it might seem by following our bitcoin buying guides.

Below we break down the pros and cons of the options for buying bitcoin privately with cash. There are several great options to buy bitcoin for cash if you know where to look, but its important to protect yourself careful to avoid any bitcoin scams.

Our recommendation is to use a marketplace / exchange designed for cash to bitcoin transactions, and we’ve found that Bitquick and Wall of Coins are the leading options.  Both are reliable, industry-leading platforms that will allow you to buy bitcoin safely, quickly and easily with simple cash deposits and offer some of the quickest ways to buy bitcoin possible.

Bitquick and Wall of Coins both allow you buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with simple cash deposits. Both platforms protect buyers and sellers from scammers. With both websites, you’ll need to set up a simple account before you can start buying, but both platforms provide the most private, anonymous ways to buy bitcoin today.

Wall of Coins

Wall of Coins is a great peer to peer online marketplace where bitcoin can be purchased by simple cash deposit to nearly any major bank location.

Wall of Coins does not require traders to verify their accounts, so it is one of the best options for buying bitcoin privately.


  • Many payment destinations;
  • Buyers can purchase bitcoin without an ID scan;
  • Buyers can purchase bitcoin without a bank account;
  • Buyers can purchase bitcoin without providing a social security number;


  • fees are hidden within BTC price;
  • prices are sometimes higher than other exchanges.


Bitquick and Wall of Coins are both peer to peer online marketplaces where bitcoin can be purchased by simple cash deposit to nearly any major bank location.

Bitquick requires a full account verification process before purchases can be completed, so it is a very secure way to buy bitcoin with cash.


  • Simple and easy way to buy bitcoin with cash
  • Secure marketplace due to the verification requirements;
  • Many payment destinations.


  • Higher fee than other exchanges
  • ID scan and proof of address required.

Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin ATM machines are another great way to buy bitcoin privately with cash. You can use our convenient ATM map to locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM from you. Keep in mind that the fees and rates are set by individual ATM operators and can vary depending on the owner, manufacturer, location and payment method used.


  • No need to set up complicated exchange accounts
  • Available globally;
  • Anonymous way to purchase bitcoins.


  • Sometimes come with high transaction fees;
  • service might not be always available.
  • Need to find a physical Bitcoin ATM

Follow the links below for our guide to buying on Bitquick, Wall of Coins and Bitcoin ATMs.

DANGER: The cash to bitcoin markets are filled with scammers. While there are other peer-to-peer bitcoin options, we recommend avoiding anything other than a reputable marketplace like Bitquick or Wall of Coins to keep the risks lower.

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As always, you can always check out breaking crypto news on our Breaking News page, check out all of our Frequently Asked Questions, and reach out directly to us for help setting up your account or with any other questions about cryptocurrency and digital payments. One of our experienced team members will be happy to help point you in the right direction!

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